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Mobile Applications Development

Vunya helps companies develop mobile websites as well as Android based mobile applications which help in bringing together the workforce and promotes the concept of anytime anywhere.

IT Outsourcing For Efficiency

Smartphone growth rates have never been higher. In 2013 alone global smart phone sales grew by an average 23.8%. In mature markets, mobile web browsing and web data accounted for more than 20% of web traffic and growing. Customers visit your website through a mobile browser, whether or not you have a mobile-friendly site or mobile application. A hard-to-navigate or overly stripped-down site can frustrate your users and hurt your business.

According to research by online advertising company, when optimizing for mobile, you need experienced developers who understand the nuances of mobile web app development, such as:

  • How to adapt the content and navigation to fit a small screen
  • How to incorporate mobile-specific functions, like click-to-call, geo-location and touch screen navigation
  • How to optimize the application to be deployed in the cloud
  • How to deliver mobile productivity to back office applications

Our developers understand the nuances of mobile web

A lot of decisions must be made when optimizing for mobile, starting with the core design of your application. The mobile web application developers at Vunya can help.

Web and native applications each have their trade-offs. We understand these nuances and balance them with your requirements to build cost-effective, yet competitive software.

Our software engineers can develop the following:

  • Platform-independent, and thus lower cost option
  • The application runs locally, so users can work offline
  • Updates can be made frequently and do not need to be downloaded by users
  • Beautiful visual effects that still outplay the web
  • Not distributed via an app store, therefore no app store fees
  • Direct access to the hardware of mobile devices
  • Lower load time because only data is downloaded

Our approach to mobile web app development

We rely heavily on the web’s platform-independence and develop device-specific capabilities only where necessary to save you time and money. We start by using the web as a multi-platform for every possible function. Then, we move functional and graphical requirements that cannot be done on the web to the native application. As a result, you get a cost-effective application that is functional, convenient and graphically rich.

How do you know your application is mobile ready?

We don’t just say your application is optimized for mobile. We prove it by:

  • Using feature-detection techniques to define specific characteristics of the mobile device or browser.
  • Selecting the mobile control library that best meets your needs and will ensure device compatibility.
  • Testing your application on all target platforms, browsers and the most popular devices on the market.
  • Optionally testing your software on thousands of devices in bulk or on a case-by-case basis, as when device manufacturers

Optimize you web app for mobile

Optimize you web app for mobile When you outsource your mobile web app development to Vunya, you can rest assured your application will be optimized for mobile to both meet your users’ needs and be the competitive differentiator you’re looking for. See our Case Studies, we’ll even connect you to our customers to talk about what we have done for them and how. For more information or just to throw out an idea or a question please email us at