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Corporate Knowledge – Why Is It Important?

Capturing Corporate Knowledge For Efficiency

Organizational knowledge is core to the development of any company. We assimilate knowledge on a daily basis in our companies, most of the times even without realizing. Knowledge is important - knowledge is key. Vunya consults with organization to capture knowledge to meet both long term and short term objectives.

How We Do, What We Do

Vunya has time-proven experience in building a company’s knowledge management capabilities. Our rich domain experience helps in visualising paths to achieving corporate goals and our software and process development experience brings that path to fruition. For each of our corporate clients information is power. And connecting the hidden dots in the information or assimilating and harnessing the right information at the right time from the right source is expertise. Our stepped approach to building services:

  • Step 1 – Identify the goals
  • Step 2 – Analyse industry and company performances and identify target data
  • Step 3 – Create process and technologies to capture targeted data
  • Step 4 – Build data banks and algorithms to create mapped data patterns
  • Step 5 – Build MIS reporting toold on patterned data and deliver automated report creation
  • Step 6 – Build automated discrepancy handling and transactional approval systems
  • Step 7 – Monitor and review performance and enhance modules on a continued basis

Bringing Our Core To Your Benifit

Solution visualization is key to our offering. In order to build quality Vunya builds its own software and data collection strategies and technologies. Dispersed teams, centralized decision making, complex hierarchal pricing structures, reasons for unaccounted losses - knowledge management can help with them all.

Our Mantra

Requirement definition:

Starting from a general blueprint, we learn and accurately define your business needs and convert them into a technical requirement specification, so that you get exactly what you want in the finished product.

Domain Experience:

We proactively and effectively manage specialty domain needs and provide guidance and advice to our clients.

Modular Approach:

We identify modules developed in the past and integrate them into the development cycle. Our clients are always given flexibility for UI and workflow management and access control lists even in standard modules making them a perfect fit.