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Applications Development

IT Outsourcing For Efficiency

Vunya Software creates custom software development solutions. Our customers, many mid-size and start-up companies, have been outsourcing their software development to Vunya since 2010.

Custom Software Solutions for Your Business

Vunya has time-proven experience and reputable expertise in the development of portals, document management solutions, e-commerce applications, business application and automation software, custom software solutions and online applications supporting business-to-business collaborations.

1. Web Application

2. Mobile Application

We develop Cloud applications. Our clients use our browser based applications for their private and public cloud needs. Some of our apps are made for internal workflows and others for interacting with our clients customers. From wordpress templates to custom developments, Vunya does it all.

Custom Development at Vunya Equates to Low Overhead

We reduce the overhead commonly associated with offshore outsourcing of custom business application development by providing:

Ready to use module:

Proprietary ready to use modules help our customers cut development time and also cost. Standard login modules, communication modules, image architechture and workflow modules help our clients get to their goals faster. A quicker time-to-market delivers a double benefit to our customers by reducing total cost and generating revenue / or eliminating risk sooner than expected.

Fixed Price Quote:

Our customers come out on top! Vunya's production services combined with a commitment to a fixed-price quote and production estimation ensures total quality. So even when you get top class development your costs are curtailed and delivery ensured.

Process and domain experience:

By outsourcing your software and application development processes with Vunya; we bring a value add to your processes by free guidance and input from our in-house domain consultants. Vunya has helped many mid size and startup companies in areas of retail POS, Financial Services, Real Estate and Infrastructure, Healthcare, Client Support etc deliver and add value added start of the art services. From problem identification to eradication our one stop team will manage it all.

Effective communication:

By outsourcing your software and application development processes with Vunya; we maintain a transparent and controllable visibility at all phases of the project.


Custom software development services and production processes allows a shortened time-to-market delivery at a benefit to our customers by reducing total cost.

Our Mantra

Requirement definition:

Starting from a general blueprint, we learn and accurately define your business needs and convert them into a technical requirement specification, so that you get exactly what you want in the finished product.

Domain Experience:

We proactively and effectively manage specialty domain needs and provide guidance and advice to our clients.

Modular Approach:

We identify modules developed in the past and integrate them into the development cycle. Our clients are always given flexibility for UI and workflow management and access control lists even in standard modules making them a perfect fit.